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About the creator of Desert Moon Vibes: spiritual blogger

Welcome to the realm of holistic well-being, where the vibrational energies of crystals intertwine with the essence of spirituality. In this blog, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the profound world of crystals and the healing power they hold. Join us as we delve into the mystical and transformative realm of crystal therapy, energy healing, and spiritual awakening.

Beginning of my journey

I wanted to create a spiritual and metaphysical healing blog to share with others who may need more spirituality in their life including any self-healing content that may help. I started my spiritual journey right after I developed an autoimmune condition. This condition developed from lack of self care and putting others needs before mine. I wasn’t eating right, dehydrated, and fatigued. After I search and received help with my health, I slowly got better but my mental health and repressed emotions were still lingering. I had constant anxiety and constant fear of unknown. I knew I had to do something and later learned I was an empath. So I began meditating. It took me awhile to quiet my mind, and relax but with much practice I started to mediate and hold on to 10 more minutes in my sessions. It has been worth the journey and glad I can share my journey as a spiritual blogger.

My beginning with Crystal healing and Meditation

I slowly started to feel good and during this time, my sister gave me an Opal ring which signifies “self-worth”. Soon after, I began to wear it and felt a sense of change within myself. Instantly, I felt change but a good change for a short period of time. But, currently I did learn that when working with crystals you have to put in the work and your INTENTION is everything.

Next, I felt a sense of hope and that’s when my obsession of looking up every crystal stone and their metaphysical meaning. I was like shocked and excited. My research was unstoppable. But little did I know that I needed more inner healing work. Back from childhood, I had grown up with much loss. Losing important people close to me like my grandparents and other loving family members. They’ve shared so much wisdom and love that I felt loss in the world. On top of more hurt and lack of being heard as a child. I felt all my repressed emotions was so stacked on top of each other that I felt no hope. More so, I wasn’t aiding and reminding myself of how important I was. I always felt this pressure that I needed to maintain a stable career and be a person that I wasn’t. This was making me ignore my own self values. I knew I wanted to make a change and do something different than what I was molded out to be based on someone else’s life. That wasn’t living for me.


So based on how my life was negatively influenced, I found metaphysical healing to help me connect with and heal myself. I started to look up the different chakras areas and how yoga connects. Essential oils has also been a recent main attraction of mine. I enjoy including them into my meditation sessions.

In my early life, I was somewhat spiritual before all this but I didn’t know how important it was to devote and commit to it consistently. Looking back at what my grandmother use to do like offering food to ancestors and giving back in some way and say our gratitudes, I was also ignoring my inner child. Now I want to document what has helped me self healing techniques from meditation, herbal infusions, crystal insights, ritual baths, yoga, metaphysical healing and so much more. I definitely wouldn’t have found out much of these without the help of other empathic individuals who share and document their knowledge with social media outlets like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. There are so much information out there and know that you’re NOT alone in this. But, definetly double check the social media influencer who is to be trusted with this type of information. Always do your research and make sure you trust any healing expert if you choose to go that route.

Each day I’m learning more about myself and accepting more of what is. Oh and didn’t I mention Astrology? I started looking into my astrological natal chart and combine it with the metaphysical healing. In conclusion, don’t fear and know that there are so many people out there trying to heal themselves and adjust to being in this tough masculine world. It’s not our fault and know that there is a way to work through tough times. Everyone is on their own unique spiritual healing journey. We can live better once we put our self healing into action. Stay safe and sending you LOVE and LIGHT. Check out my next blog post.

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