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Desert Moon Vibes have four beginner crystals in mind to start with on your healing journey. Crystals can be used even if your not on your healing journey. These gems have gentle energy to them. The blog likes to incorporate the energy closely with the chakra healing areas. We found that chakra healing can help manage stress, and keep the energy flowing instead of stagnant. Often times, we are not aware of how much stress can affect us. So we created the blog to share insights of healing for the physical and mental body.

Rose Quartz

First crystal is the rose quartz. It’s pink and can be shaped in many forms small or large. It’s a stone of self-love, forgiveness and promoting love. Its’ also known as the stone of universal love. Rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra. It can also contribute positively to family dynamics and relationship with others. A wonderful aid for insomnia and nightmares. A stone for zodiac signs: Taurus and Libra.

I, Diane, the creator of the blog, personally use it when I meditate and reminding myself of self love. Sometimes, we forget and get loss in a busy life that we just need a moment to stop, and reflect. We have the power to instill the loving energy within ourselves. A wonderful stone that everyone should have access to.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate tower

This beautiful stone that is very eye-catching, interesting, and its’ rainforest like inclusions are just magnifying. It has green looking moss inside of it in which as several benefits to it. It has the potential to bring you back to the forest where everything is peaceful and serene. Moss agate can heal the heart chakra area. The stone can heal the emotional trauma and keep you in balance. A great companion for zodiac sign Virgo. It can attract abundance and boost some creativity into your life. Very beautiful stone that keeps your eye on it. It can also be very beneficial to start a business or a venture that you’ve been yearning to start.

Also, I used this stone during meditation sessions and when I’m pursing goals into a project. A beautiful energy and statement piece for your work desk or bedroom.


credit to Jason Deines/Pexels

Amethyst is a popular stone. It’s purple and can range in light to dark shades. Amethyst is for the crown chakra that comes in many shapes from small tumble stones to large geodes. The stone helps with cleansing the negative energy, bringing peace and calmness. The stone can be great for sleep so placing one under the pillow can help. It can be a stone for zodiac signs: Pisces and Aquarius.

I personally use when I go to sleep and for protection against negative energies. Including, for anxiety and stress as well. Some people have small to large pieces placed everywhere in their working or living area. A great stone to have access to wherever you go.

Flower Agate

Flower Agate

Another beginner crystal is one from the agate crystal family called flower agate. This one can come with pink tones and white. Sometimes, it can come with green inclusions. The flower agate is another beautiful stone to look at. It helps to evolve self growth, reach for our goals and dreams while attracting abundance. Additionally, it is great for a new business or project. Stone for zodiac signs Virgo and Gemini. Another useful stone for emotional healing and promoting more confidence and graceful energy into your life.

I like to keep my small flower agate tower near my work desk. More so. I access the energy when I want to manifest accomplishments for my business, and/or any project I’m doing at that moment. A great stone to have to keep with you at work and during the New Moon to manifest goals, and the life you wish to live.

What do I buy?

In order to access these beginner crystals’ energy, their sizes do not matter. Whether small or large, the crystal will allow you activate it according to many certified crystal healers and gemologists. My favorite YouTube influencer on crystals is Adam Baralet. I trust his information and resources. More so, I keep small pieces, and towers. A good way to keep them can be in a small satchel near you, in your pockets, or near you on a bedroom stand. These gentle crystals are beautiful and full of radiate energy to help you live your best life.

Try to do your research on crystal seller. If purchasing on websites like Etsy, I suggest looking at their rating, and reviews. Look for positive reviews and where they purchase from. I always research who I’m buying from and that the crystals are priced accordingly to their shape, size, crystal type, and source. I have run into some sellers who have overpriced. So be careful and you don’t have to get an overpriced crystal to get the benefits.

More ways to use these crystals

Other ways of putting the beginner crystals to use is to incorporate them during your New Moon practices. The New Moon is a good time to manifest positive energy and events into your life. If you been having a hard time in believing in yourself and/or can’t control unforeseen situations. These may help to help you more with confidence and trusting the universe. I really do believe life is what you make it. Intention is everything so try to utilize believing you can turn your life full of positive energy.

I had prior instabilities in my life filled with fear, worry, low self worth, etc. This led to a spiritual awakening after I got weaker physically and spiritually. I didn’t want to live my life suffering and I learned quite a bit of information. Meditation help me to manage my worries, and to think more in the present. During this time, I realized I couldn’t change the past and that I needed to build myself back up. It took awhile to heal but everyone has their own path and purpose. Everyone has their own life story. Try not to compare yourself to others and know that you have the power to change your life. You also have the power to live the life you desire. More blog topics will soon arrive on moon phases, manifesting and more. I’m excited to be sharing with you more content and hope it helps with your spiritual journey or just living your best life stress free. Check out our other posts, and don’t forget to subscribe to keep updated on the latest content.

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