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Lately I’ve been getting into journaling. I had recent findings that it can be very beneficial in a lot of ways. After my spiritual awakening, I find out that I had emotional blockages, and self-esteem issues. Recently, I really needed help resolving my past trauma and certain memories. I began my search into any sort of healing I could find. I landed on metaphysical, and spiritual healing. Reflecting and being more self aware of our emotions can began the healing process. I started to get into moon cycling, applying different routines to obtain a more peaceful and caring lifestyle, as well as looking into reiki and yoga. Included in these practices, I found journaling to refocus, to stay on track on what I’m trying to accomplish, and to release any internal blocks that are preventing me to living my life to the fullest.

Main journaling benefits

  • Relaxation
  • Concentration
  • Stress Management
  • Inner healing
  • Releasing emotional blockages
  • Healing any past trauma
  • Healing any painful/negative memories

Make journaling fun

Make it fun. I like A4 size journals. Letter size journals can be a great addition as well. Sometimes, I put flowers, glitter, and anything fun like stickers that I like to put in my journals. Along with my journaling, I like to include meditation, and burning some herbal scents like cedar for aromatherapy benefits. Sometimes, it ok to slow it down from time to time. Were often in flight mode where we’re constantly thinking and working. It’s good to stop and slow down in our daily life routines. Relaxation makes all the difference in the world and can help you to give yourself a break from time to time.

Make it a routine

Usually, I tend to start journaling in the morning or evening depending on the day or week. Sometimes, I write down what I’m feeling about something whether that be stress, or maybe something stemming from a past memory that I need to get past. I use to be so anxiety proned and triggered by just being around people. So, it took practice, lots of therapy sessions, and reflecting within myself. Now, I make sure I make time for relaxation and quiet time. I make sure, breaks are a priority, and have time for myself to quiet down and relax. These moments can really make a difference and help manage your stress. It can promote more concentration and have a better control over your emotions.

Add crystals

Whenever I meditate and journal, I incorporate crystals. I usually figure out what I’m feeling and work with that energy. If I feel I need to ground myself or to de-stress, I take one or a few crystals that I can connect with. Most often, I like to work with amethyst, red jasper, and smoky quartz. These are just some of the few I tend to use to ground myself. They allow me to center myself and ground my thoughts. Some things you can add to journaling is burning some herbal scents like cedar, palo santo, or dragon’s blood to have a more relaxing and intentional experience. Some of these can also be used to clear your space allowing for more focus. Candles are a good addition as well. Scented candles with some of these scents can be added to your journaling sessions.

Journaling can be a great addition to your routine and can be a great starter for your metaphysical journey. Make it your own, make it fun, and most importantly make it relaxing. It can be beneficial working on your inner self to promoting more self awareness. Journals come in digital and paper form. We offer some journal templates ready to print on our Etsy shop. Digital journal templates are coming soon. Give us a subscribe and leave a comment on how it helps. We love to know.

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