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As an empath it can be hard to adjust into the world or come to the realization of it. Some indications could be sensitivity to be around people or crowds, feeling emotions that may not be your own, or caring too much for others. I personally didn’t find out I was an empath till my late 20s. So along my spiritual journey, I found some helpful techniques to cleanse my energy. One important thing is that I found as an empath you must cleanse your space and energy because you could be susceptible to others’ emotions or energy. It could potentially be difficult but there are ways to counteract that with some empath crystals and alleviate some symptoms.

Some techniques I learned are crystals, meditation, and just the simple act of inner intention. Crystal healing has been one of my more prominent ways to healing. It has helped but you have to put in the work. Crystals are energy assisting in balancing your body’s meridians that may have been stagnant as well as aiding through some negative thought patterns that are preventing you from living your best life.

Meditation can also alleviate and manage your emotions effectively. It can awaken the energies to refocus your emotions and transmute the energy away. Again, all you need is intention. I learned this over time and recent research from experiences and resources. Meditation can balance your chakras, it’s good to start with your root chakra and work your way up to other chakra areas in order to cleanse your energy and allow yourself to refocus. Meditation has been the most prominent self routine I have to do often. In this post I’ll be recommending some empath crystals that can aid to your additional healing.


Black Tourmaline

This black stone is one of my top favorites. It can be placed around the home, as an amulet, or held during meditation. It has protective properties as well as transmuting and absorbing the negative energy that you may have picked up. Resonates with the Root Chakra. It’s uses are:

  • Anxiety reliever
  • Protection
  • Stabilizes mood
  • EMF protection
  • Inner peace/Calmness


Next up is Amethyst, another cleansing type crystal. It’s unique purple translucent is my top favorite. This unique stone comes in many different forms. Another meditation stone for any cleansing rituals to find more peace and clarity. Resonates with the Crown and Third Eye Chakra. Its’ uses:

  • Helps with grief
  • Emotional stabilizer
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Negative energy shielder
  • Enhances spiritual connection


Another one is Selenite that is a must have for every crystal collector. Not only does it have metaphysical properties but it can cleanse your other crystals. It’s considered to be a Goddess Stone and obtains a connection to the Divine. The stone has a gentle and light energy to cleanse and bringing in more peace. Resonates with Crown Chakra, and its’ uses are:

  • Connection to Higher Realms
  • Anxiety reliever
  • Clarity
  • Aura cleansing
  • Feminine Stone

Angel Aura Quartz

Next, is Angel Aura quartz, a man made crystal but the stone still obtains many useful metaphysical properties. It’s a nice bright, vibrant and rainbow like crystal made with Platinum. Resonates with the Heart, Crown, and Throat Chakra. Uses are:

  • Opens energy blocks
  • Opens room for joy and positivity
  • Restores inner peace and balance
  • Enhances memory, creativity, and intelligence
  • Allows to refocus your thoughts while cleansing aura

Blue calcite

This blue soapy like stone is great for empaths. The delicate stone helps to absorb the negative energy and transmute it back to where it once was. This stone resonated with me unknowingly. It has a light and soothing energy to it. Resonates with the Throat and Third Chakra. Uses are:

  • Pure mindfulness
  • Dream recall
  • Protection
  • Calming and Patience
  • Expanded Awareness

I hope these empath crystals will be helpful. These can help balance the chakras and inspire the confidence as a sensitive empath. Best of luck on your healing journey and/or spiritual findings. Stay tuned and subscribe for future blog posts. We now carry Empath protection bracelets, click here.

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