How meditation benefits me

Why I meditate

Meditation was first introducted to me almost a year an half ago in early 2020. I came across its’ benefits when I first started my spiritual healing journey. I had anxiety, panic attacks, worries, and fear. All these negative emotions were really affecting my life at the time. So I decided I need to do something differently and meditation was always coming up into my life. I’ve always been an overthinker for most of life ever since I was a child. For most of my life, I use to chatter and just think all the time. I think this is why I have my mercury planet ruled by my moon astrology sign. More so, I just wanted to help manage my emotions and manage my stress, so meditation has helped tremendously. It was until later I found out I had more to deal with like trauma, and more repressed emotions that I needed to unravel in order to feel better. It took awhile to settled down my thoughts and get use to meditating but I eventually was able to calm my mind and body. If your unfamiliar with meditating, start slow and gradually increase the time of stillness. This took practice for me personally but I eventually improved and now I meditate from 10 min to 30 min. Some people can go even longer. But try whatever works in the beginning. Here is a beginner video to try.

Step by step guide

First start in a quiet space. It could be a room, or the living room. Somewhere where you won’t get distracted nor hear anything loud. You can use crystals and incense or herbs if you need. If you are sitting cross legged, sit up and close your eyes. Try not to think about anything. Allow your mind to be still and think of nothing. If your a beginner, it’s ok if you were a little distracted. You can still practice and it just better over time. So what I do is allow my mind to wander. If I’m dealing with shadow work or some negative thought I focus on that and try to replace it with something positive. While meditating, I always think of gratitude, and love. I remind myself as well “I am safe” and “I am a part of the Earth”. I will explain further the benefits of chakras as well. It helps to focus if you have any blockages. This is where I extended my meditation by incorporting the chakras and focus on the ones I need to work through. For example if I feel anxiety, or fear, I always start to focus on the root chakra to ground myself. There are many techniques but I usually try to face my fear and then work on the other chakras. If you have more questions on this, I can further explain by any requests for future blog posts.

Chakra meditation

After I gradually started to increase my meditation session, I started to incorporate the chakras’ areas. The chakra healing process gradually steered my focus toward healing other parts of my life such as my trauma, worries, fear that developed over time, and to manage my post traumatic stress disorder. I also didn’t forget to mention that some intuitive healer that I came across recommended I meditate. I knew it wasn’t just a waste of time. If you believe, you can make your life better as long as you do the work. Once I started reading and doing countless research on chakra healing. I would focus on the chakra I felt I needed more work on. For example, like if I felt worry, I kept grounding myself and focusing on the root chakra. I would visualize the negative thoughts being released from me. Gradually, I started slowing incorprate herbs like burning patchouli, cedarwood and frankincense as well as sound frequency. I found that 396 hz helps to open and clear blockages. Lastly, there are chakra gemstones that resonate with each chakra. With each chakra area, the color of some gemstones connects with each chakra and with the intention you have. They further add to the inner healing energies.

Furthermore, some things might not clear right away but it’s importantly to keep doing it. It’s almost like maintenance. I found I always have to, if I’m around crowds of people, or around people I shouldn’t be around. I recommend placing boundaries. You have the choice to have your personal space, and heal you. Other people may not understand but it’s important not to allow other people to interfere. If they don’t understand, oh well, just keep doing you. Maybe I’ll do a series on the chakras. They are beneficial to healing yourself more from any negative emotions, trauma, stress, or any type of negative behaviors.

Are you an empath?

Meditation helps tremendously if your an empath. It took me awhile to know this about myself. Some symptoms of an empath are: 1) You feel overwhelmed in crowds 2) You absorb others’ emotions 3) Wanting to help everyone 4) Some people find it easy to confide in you 5) You’re intuitive 6) You’re introverted 7) You need time alone Some of these or all can apply to you. It can be hard or tough to realize this trait about yourself but try to learn to accept it and embrace it. I felt I couldn’t be around alot of people but it helps to place your boundaries. Protect your energy. Lessen or stop your time with toxic people. I will do an extension post on this topic. Meditation helps for clarity and any stress you may be feeling. Also, it helps to reclaim your power and dissociate from any negative behavior. We are special and there a lot of us in this world. We can still live a happy life. For more posts please subscribe.

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