Self love crystals

Rose Quartz

The “universal love” of all crystals is the rose quartz. The popular crystal for love can be used for self healing and inviting in more loving energy to your relationships and upon yourself. Its’ light energy can help soothe your emotions and bring more openness to more love within. A stone for Libra, Taurus, and for most zodiac signs.


The delicate pink crystal is the Stone of Emotion. This delicate crystal can be used for the emotional body to relieve fears, and sorrows. Encouraging more humility and willingness to help others. It resonates with the Heart Chakra and a very gentle energy to keep you protective and open for more love. Zodiac signs for Libra, and Taurus. 


The crystal can contain black specs with pink as with a pink base color. A stone that can heal trauma and go beyond inner healing, releasing fears and balancing emotions. Helping to reinforce self love in the most toughest times and can be used within a relationship. Carry it with you daily to help aid unhealed wounds. Zodiac sign that resonates is Scorpio.

Pink Opal

The crystal is a pink and opaque. The soft energy helps sadness and a broken heart. It invites tranquil and calming energies including the expression of self love. Similiarily, it is referred to as the “stone of awakening” and can aid in your emotional healing. Offers acceptance, removes nightmares and awakens one to see the beauty of life. It can be paired with other crystals like rose quartz and garnet. Zodiac sign that resonates is the Cancerian and most signs.

Furthermore, with the heart chakra and self love crystals, you can include a love healing ritual for yourself by holding the crystal during meditation sessions, or by carrying it daily. Also, make a private space special with a candle, time with yourself, or pampering yourself. The little things really do go a long way. In addition, think of a love affirmation. Next, hold the crystal in your hand and allow the energy to flow while keeping the thought and intention in your mind. As a result, crystals for the heart chakra helps open the heart and brings in more love into your life. I hope you enjoyed the crystals in this post. Click here or the blog menu for more blog posts.

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