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Self care

Lately, I decided to take a small trip. It’s good mentally to take a break from the busy life and make a small trip. I decided to take a small trip for some self care to my homeland where I grew up. I took pictures along the way of the beautiful mesas and landscape of the desert.

Often our minds can become so stressed and fatigue, we just need a break from the big city life. Along my personal healing journey, I found that I need to take breaks and manage my mental and physical health. There are so many benefits to self care. It can help with a more productive life including balancing the stress we place on our bodies. There is also quite a bit of things I do to help with self care.


One of the things I do for self care is meditation. At first, I couldn’t sit still and meditate for more than 5 minutes but it got better over time. I meditate with crystals. First I write down what I’m trying to work through. It could be stress, trauma, hurt, self-love, and many other things that could interfere with our daily life. Then, I focus and meditate for about 10-20 minutes. I make sure I cleanse my space prior and after with palo santo, rosemary, or cedar. Meditation has help me balance my emotions, and has gradually help me handle my past trauma.

Sometimes our minds can undergo trauma from where we least expect it. It can form during childhood, adulthood, or even both. Personally, I had went through a lot of losses in my early life. I took on so much responsibility and in some way grew up too fast. With this along with getting an autoimmune condition in my late 20s, I learned I need to face my trauma and tackle my worries. This led to hopelessness, and depression. I needed to heal not only mentally but physically. It’s important to aid your body with what it needs to help it receive nutrients mentally and physically.

Moreover, I found that the subconscious mind can go through changes without us knowing. In the beginning, I realized I had to face what was suppressed subconsciously over the years. I had constant worry, stress, fear, and panic attacks. It wasn’t living. Once I wanted to try anything and everything, I started with crystals. Crystals have a connection with Earth and it’s so beautiful that we are given these precious stones. At this time, I had purchased a smoky quartz and was emotional purging out of nowhere. I didn’t know what this meant. I recommend to research crystals prior to making any purchase. It forced me to uncover all my repressed emotions I had kept inside for too long. In addition, holding on to negative emotions can have negative effect over time. If there are so many repressed emotions not being let go, it can wreak havoc on our bodies.

More so, I had to sort it out, and do my shadow work. Shadow work is a deep personal process. It forces us to stay in the present but get through the bad sides of ourselves that we may feel guilt, shame, fear, worry, etc. over. I wouldn’t say I’m completely out of the woods with my anxiety but I would say that it has lessen these negative ailments. Meditation can help manage and calm down any sort of negative emotions and help you get right back in tune with yourself.

Going outside

Another self care tip is going outside. Taking a moment to get some sunshine is great. If your body requires activity, taking a run or doing some exercise helps too. I had started to take walks and just being in the present moment in nature added benefits. I enjoy walking by a lake or pond. It’s nice to see water and it can be so serene. Getting some sunshine has several benefits. It can strengthen your immune system and vitamin D. Sometimes when we feel depressed or sad, we tend to isolate. Isolation is good to a certain degree. When connecting with nature, it activates our postive ions within our bodies. I prefer solitude when I need a break from people and my busy schedule. So, when you can, sunshine, air and simply being in nature is medicine.

Pick a hobby

Even when I was stressed, I felt so overwhelm by many responsibilities. I had to readjust to my schedule. So I decided to incorporate a hobby I enjoy. A hobby can potentially spark that motivation in you or offer some joy. It can help to keep busy as well. I really felt so overwhelm with stuff that was making me unhappy so I decided to start making stickers. I had some prior experience with Adobe Photoshop and I used the skills to make a sticker design. If you have creative ideas or have a skill, use it and inspire yourself. Great things can happen when you are feeling good, and motivated. You can manifest anything your heart and life desires. If you like to check out my sticker shop. Click here.

I hope these 3 tips helps you get through life. Having less stress can be so beneficial to your lifestyle. Even when your so busy, we can help manage it effectively. These are my top self care routines: meditation, going outside, and picking a hobby. More content coming soon. Feel free to leave a comment and support my blog. Thank you for reading.

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