Top Five products for a Boho Decor Room

Ever since I got in tuned to my spiritual journey, I wanted everything to be boho chic or have a witchy feel to it. I wanted a space for boho light and dark colors. I wanted products to remind me to burn my candles, meditate, and a personal space to devote to my spiritual practice. A place for comfort and positive, serene energy. Here are my top Amazon product picks.

Herb resin burner

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I think everyone has to have one. Recently, I got into herbal healing and certain resins and their scents are so healing and useful. I found resins like myrrh, camphor, and other to burn with this product easily. These powerful resins and other herbs can really influence more positive energies including healing properties. As long as you have a tea light candle to burn with this product, that is all you need. I use a resin burner everyday to meditate and amplify the intentional energy I wish to do. Futhermore, I think it’s a great product and it’s a product you can use countless times.

Wall Decor

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Another item on my list to accentuate my room is any type of wall decor. For this one, I chose a hanging plant shelf with LED lights. I like this because you can put artificial plants or real plants to further design your personal space. Usually, I like my room dark and this helps to lighten the place a little bit. I like that it has light and it’s made out of wood. Great product for living room, bathroom, or bedroom space. I like that this adds some light and is a great addition to any personal space.

Jewelry Tray

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Another great favorite item of mine is any jewelry tray. I like this one. It’s in the shape as the Hamsa hand. The Hamsa hand signfies the hand of God. It also is a protective sign and brings happiness, luck, health, and good fortune to the owner. I just love anything that symbolizes healing and has a metaphysical meaning to it. This hamsa hand tray can place this near my bedroom table and put my jewelry, crystals, or use it as an ashtray. I just love it’s multi-usage. I just love how it looks and it will definately accentuate your space. As a result, I use anything that will remind me to do my daily rituals and I can use this especially when I use my small crystals.

Moon Shelf

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Next item is a moon shelf. Can’t you tell I love moon crescents and anything shaped like it? I’m obsessed. 😀 It can be use as an altar for your spiritual practice. As well as a place to store your herbs, candles, crystals and more. Again, this is another multi-use product that I would recommend purchasing. Even if your not using it as an altar, it’s perfect for your living room, and bedroom. A product for easy access for your crystals, herbs, candles, and plants. I’m always looking for items to place my crystals in and this is perfect. I like that it’s black and it can adds some edginess. Overrall, great product to add to your personal space.


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Lastly, we land on the product pillows. I like these because it is a soft boho color and can be placed in the bedroom, or living room. I like that it further heightens any room. Not only are they soft but made out of cotton material. I always need something comforting and pillows do that for me. These pillows can be place in my car. I like that it comes with a set of four different designs. I’m a fanatic of anything crystals, and boho witchy like with stars and butterflies. I believe they would be a great addition for your personal space.

I love these top five picks for a boho decor inspired room. These items will help accentuate your personal space and remind you that you can make your space how you like it. Your space should be a healing and a protective space for any of your daily rituals or routine. I love these products and I will be recommending more posts in the near future. Stay tuned for more related blog posts and don’t forget to click the images to purchase your items. Check out my other blog posts.

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