Heart Chakra Venus Crystals


A great crystal multi color stone that has a mixture of brown, blue and turquoise color tones. Often mistaken for Turquoise. It’s a part of the venus crystals and resonates with the Heart and Throat chakra. The crystal connects with the water energy and balances the feminine and masculine energies. The stone al4n,so inspires compassion, self love and open mindiness. Try to meditate with it to bring out the gentle energy.


Prehnite is a translucent green color crystal and sometimes has black tourmaline specks for added protection. It is known as the “all healer’s stone”. The stone allows the wearer to clear and rejuvenate the heart chakra. Also, it provides precognition and inner knowing. It calms the surrounding environments and brings more peace and harmony. The stone resonates with the astrological sign Libra and connects to the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras.


Another heart chakra venus crystal is the Chrysoprase. It has a green vibrant color and also resonates with the Heart and Solar Plexus chakra. The stone can help with inner child healing, and balancing the yin and yang energies in the body. It can help mend a broken heart, heal relationships and transmute negative energies to positive. Stimulates acceptance of oneself and others including bringing trust in their lives. Connects to the Libra sign and is a water element.

Green Aventurine

Known as the “money stone”. The green crystal has plenty of metaphysical properties involving attracting financial prosperity, instilling leadership qualities, prosperity, while helping with decision making. Great stone for the Heart chakra and a useful manifestation crystal. Moreover, it’s also known as the “stone of prosperity, and opportunity”. The crystal is for Libra and Virgo signs and earth element.

Green Calcite

A clear, soft green crystal that brings in calming energies and a part of the Calcite mineral family. Resonating with the Cancerian energy and assisting with ethusiasm and vitality. The stone can absorb the negative surrounding energies and internal toxic emotions. A very gentle stone helping in accepting ourselves and how seeing things as they are.

Remember to cleanse your crystals, and do what resonates or connects with you. Most often, venus crystals are green but can also be pink. Take it slow and relax most times for the heart. I got some of these crystals from a cute shop in my city. If you check your natal astrology chart, check for rising placements and/or the venus planet and see if these resonates. See more crystal posts.

With love, Diane <3

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