What is inner child healing?

Lately this topic has been on my mind. Sometimes, as we grow or come a point in our lives where we may have neglected something or someone? It could possibly be yourself and wounds you never knew you would come across. I’m on my path to more healing and peace. I’ve been through a lot of disappointment and heartache even throughout childhood. I never thought I would be affected, let alone experience it. What I’ve encountered along way is feelings of insecurity, loneliness, and criticism. But yours could totally be different than mine. Here are some of things I’m trying to assist my further inner child healing.


Meditation is great to self reflect, ease the mind, and tamper some emotions. I’ve been advise this all the time. At first, I didn’t believe it would help me but I was really wrong. I started to practice meditation everyday till it was incorporated into my daily life. It has helped me relax more, focus, and just by paying more attention to my emotions. I would identify and watch out for certain triggers that would force me to think negatively. I tend to be more a worrisome person so it has helped aid that. Sitting for 10 to 15 minutes quietly in a room or any personal space can help. Even adding some crystals to your meditation. I found Dalmatian Jasper and Blue Lace Agate to help balance the ying and yang energies, activating playfulness, positivity, and releasing the negative barriers. The agate to activate speaking your truth and to reveal positive expression because we need that to feel good about ourselves.


In between meditation sessions, I also found journaling very beneficial. Putting journaling to action can help process the emotions, and what I’m trying to accomplish. I was full with such worry and heavy emotion that I just had to write it down. I felt so overwhelmed and incomplete that I just had to try it. Also, I journal to write the negative emotions and thoughts that no longer serve me. Never have I thought at age thirty I had so much repressed emotions and it’s ok to know if you don’t have everything figured out. At first, we aren’t aware any troubles that may interfere in our lives. But it’s good to identify them and work through them. So that we can live with more peace.

Do something playful

If your one who has may have neglected yourself as a child, there are ways to help yourself rebuild a relationship with yourself as an adult. During childhood, I grew up somewhat neglected and criticized for just being myself. My self expression was crying out. As a child, I was quirky and silly, and always enjoyed talking. Some members of my family would expect much more from me and would in some way just shut me out. I felt I was force to be closed off and not do the things I like to do. This blindly turn into neglection. So with healing this, I started doing something playful. It could be anything you like, a hobby, coloring, playing with dolls, etc. Try to find something from your childhood that reminds you of you and how happy you were at the time. It activates your playfulness. Personally, I started to find coloring, and listening to old songs I enjoyed like Britney Spears and music boy bands like NSYNC . There are many that I can list but take your pick.


Self-care is so important and I can’t mention it enough. It begans the journey of your spiritual healing, whether you like to take a bath, buy some clothes, or going to a day spa, anything to that nature can benefit you. It can nurture you. Just by showing yourself some self love can help inner self. Over time, it can be forgotten. Even more, I have neglected myself to the point where I was taking care of everyone else’s needs before mine, this included my family. I had to force myself to stop and take the time to care for myself. I try to squeeze a free day to myself every now and again. Putting makeup on and pampering myself to the sauna or facial is self care. Getting that personal time is good with enough balance in your schedule. I didn’t have enough growing up and I think it had a negative outcome with how I see myself. If left neglected, your emotions or confidence can suffer in the process. So don’t neglect yourself, you deserve that self care treatment.

I hope these tips has helped or will help your inner child healing. Incorporating to some or all of these can help further your self healing. Meditation with affirmations every morning to journaling, activating your inner child playfulness, and self care must not go overlooked. Let me know in the comments what you do for your inner child healing. As I’m still figuring it all out, I will keep you posted on future blog content related to the topic. Check out other blog post here. Sending you love and light!

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  1. As a child I too felt somewhat neglected. My mother was a single parent and had to support me and my sister so I was always with other family members when she worked. I would cry myself to sleep or cry in the vehicle leaving my home to be with others. I didn’t understand it at the time but I do now. Along my journey I struggled with my mother growing up. We never really had a permanent home to call our own. Somehow we always managed though. I look back and think about the struggles my mom went through as a parent and a child herself. Nothing compares but what I carry with me is her determination to never give up. My inner child healing is being with my family in my home. To see my son in his own room with his own space and my babygirl running around freely with both parents nearby is my inner peace. I made a vow to never leave my children for more than a days work. Because I know how much it hurts to not have your mother nearby. That loneliness and sadness never really leaves you. My inner peace and healing is with my husband and my two babies. I thought I would never find love again let alone be married but somehow this light found me. In a way he found his own light when he found me too. Together we work for our home and family, that is my inner child healing. Thank you for sharing your tips on healing. I love you mane ❤

  2. I’d need to check with you here. Which is not one thing I usually do! I take pleasure in studying a post that will make individuals think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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